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Revised 2016-02-03 • No further updates expected

Note: The Basketball section of this site is now officially in Archive mode. No further updates are planned, and much of the content was not updated for some time before that. Expect that much if not all of the basketball pages may be removed at some time in the future.

There are four different areas of the archive that you can surf:

FIBA/US Rule Differences
Prepared initially for the benefit of 1996 Olympic Games viewers, it is revised periodically to reflect rule changes that come about. It is more thorough than most comparisons, but is not exhaustive.
Pre-Game Card
By popular demand, I have made available my locally-famous Pre-Game Conference Card, downloadable as an Adobe Acrobat PDF. It was updated in 2007 and is now available through a Creative Commons "nc-by-sa" licence. The previous version is still available in Bulgarian thanks to the help of Nikolay Gaytandjiev.
Ask Ace (About Rules) — no updates since 2004
When I had a little more free time to share my knowledge about rules, I answered questions sent in by site visitors on this site. I discontinued this service in 2003, but in case any of the answers may be of historical or current interest, I have left them posted for archival purposes. Note: The answers have not been changed to reflect rule changes since 2002-03. Caveat lector. All requests to answer new questions will be ignored.
Selected Basketball Links
Yes, links pages are a bit passé these days, but sometimes officiating info is hard to find. This is where you will find links for rule books (and sometimes case books) that you can download. There are also some general basketball links (some which have been around almost as long as my own site) and specific links to Wheelchair Basketball.

The Rule Changes page has been removed, since it was not being maintained and was therefore giving a false impression that no new changes had happened in the past few years.