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Fill Their iPods With Band Music! — Fall 2008

This was a presentation I gave twice at Music Conference Alberta in Red Deer and twice at the Midwest Clinic in Chicago that year. I spent a lot of time explaining the various DRM (Digital Rights Management) schemes, which became moot on January 6, 2009, when Apple announced in a keynote speech at Macworld Expo that it had reached an agreement with the "Big 4" recording labels that would allow it to sell tracks without DRM. Nowadays, no one sells music with DRM. (We are not so lucky with videos and e-Books.)

The handout from my sessions at the Midwest Clinic is still available from the Midwest Clinic web site [300K PDF]. You can even see the original session description and a 2008 picture of me. The most relevant things to the modern reader would be the places to buy digital music, most of which are still in business in one form or another. If you attended my sessions at Music Conference Alberta, you would have received Canada-specific versions of those resources. That became mostly moot when Puretracks went out of business, so the first page of the Midwest handout is the more enduring resource.

Since publishers commonly have audio sample downloads these days, the specifics I listed are less important (and almost certainly out of date). I maintain a list of band music publishers on this site that is more comprehensive than anything I handed out in those sessions (and I try to keep it current).

Other Clinic Handouts

The following archival handouts from Anthony Reimer are also available: