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Community Bands (Calgary and beyond)

Calgary's Independent Community Concert Bands and Ensembles say Bands are for adults too!

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The following are community bands within the Province of Alberta, Canada (links are to web sites and known social media accounts: 𝕏 (formerly Twitter), Facebook, Instagram):

And if you are looking a bit outside of my little corner of the world:

Other Pages On Anthony’s Community Music Site

The band-centric music links that previously appeared on this page have been moved to a (Band) Music Links page. The music publisher links are probably the most useful.

If you have come to this site because you attended a clinic or workshop that I gave and you want updated information, you will generally need the link that I provided during the presentation and/or in the handout. If I have made the handout freely available, it will be listed in the Clinics & Presentations section.

I have one additional area of archival material related to my classmates from the University of Calgary Music Department in the early to mid-1980s. There are old photos, old old photos, and the articles I wrote for the Music Undergraduate Society “Mussenger” in the late 1990s. These parts of the site will not be modified to match the current design of the site.