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My current job puts me into a rather interesting position. After being away from campus for the better part of a decade, I noticed a number of familiar people and things upon my return, but many other significant changes. Some of these changes are for the better, but there are a number of traditions established in the early 1980s that have gone by the wayside.

For a little over two years, I wrote a column for the now-defunct M.U.S. newsletter, The Mussenger, that explored some of those positive things from the past. And if I observed a particular problem in the situation on campus at that time, I used lessons learned from the 1980s as a focal point for discussion. I called my "lectures" M.U.S.-icology 101.

I have posted copies of these articles in PDF form on this page.

Updated 2016-12-18: New PDFs of all the articles have been posted which update my web site URLs and add the actual fonts used (the old versions were meant to be as small as possible for dial-up connections, so generic fonts on your system were substituted). And don't forget to zoom in on the graphics on these pages; I have retained a lot of the original detail. (Photographs are improved in these updated PDFs as well.) Listed from most recent to least recent, here are the articles:

M.U.S.-icology 101 * 1996 Party * Pix From The Past

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