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Unless you went to University with me in the early 1980s (or know those people who did quite well), this page will be of little interest to you. You should return to my home page instead.

This part of the site started out as my "Third-of-a-Century Celebration" page, a pseudo-Birthday party that was an excellent excuse to get some of my old University friends together. Now it is a reminiscence of that that time in the 1980s, with current updates on some of those people.

About The Alumni Pages

There are three pages, all about those same people that shared that particular junction in time and space at the U of C:

  • M.U.S.-icology 101: I wrote 7 articles for the M.U.S. newsletter, The Mussenger. These articles generally contrasted the way it was in the early '80s with the way it is now.
  • Third-of-a-Century Celebration: I took some candid photos during that party in 1996. (Sorry for the poor quality of some of the JPEG images, but I posted them at a time when most people were using dial-up.) The text description of the party now is on the same page as the pictures.
  • Pix From The Past: Deanna supplied me with some wonderful pictures from around 1983, I believe. There are over a dozen there to look at!

M.U.S.-icology 101 * 1996 Party * Pix From The Past

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