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Band/Conducting Research Resources Online

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  1. Overview
  2. State of Online Resources :-(
  3. Online Resources as an adjunct to traditional sources
    • Limitations of online sources (quantity, quality)
    • Caveat Lector (discussion groups, private pages)
  4. The "What" may determine the "How"
    • Compile what you know already
    • What do you want to know: More about a score? Composer? Conductor? Conducting pedagogy?
    • The more specific your source information, the more likely you are to find an authoritative web source
    • Make your search international (web site quality varies)
  5. Research Methodology pages
  6. Resource Sites
  7. Search Engines
  8. Google Search Tips (as an example)
    • Automatic "and" searches (and forcing an OR search)
    • Choosing your words carefully
    • Clarifying with + – ~ " "
    • Site-specific searches (site:)
    • Setting Search Preferences
  9. Summary