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Anthony's Third-of-a-Century Celebration (1996)

About The Party...

Anthony's Third-of-a-Century Celebration was held on August 10, 1996 and was attended by a small but enthusiastic crowd. Some guests either made a special trip for the party or included us in their travel plans. It was a nice family gathering, and I am pleased to say that no one needed to use Anthony's traditional designated driver service!

In attendance were the following University of Calgary Music Department alumni and their families (in approximate arrival order):

  • Carole Berger (the long-distance traveller award winner)
  • Deanna, Jordan, and Dagny MacGregor (thanks for bringing the BBQ!)
  • Darrell, Wim, and Liam Croft (runners-up for the long-distance travellers award)
  • Allen, Helen, Francis, and Kristof Melling (well, they came from the extreme south end of town, so that's almost as far)
  • Doug Nishimura and Jennifer Gilmour (just got back from Ottawa and still found time to stop by!)

I also invited some friends and the whole U of C Conducting Diploma Course from this year. In attendance from those invitees were:

  • Heather Boyd (she actually met me back when I was in University, so she qualified on grounds other then being a good friend)
  • John Watson & (future wife) Deb
  • The late shift: Sheryl Bowhay, Nathalie Fortin & Greg Lindahl arrived just as the party had wrapped up (sorry, folks!)

Many thanks to Heather, Deanna, Carole, and Jordan for helping out with the last-minute details (that I had trouble getting to because of the Conducting Course and the extensive power blackout). A good time was had by all. :-)

Party Pictures

group shot

Here's a good group shot. From left to right around the circle: Duane, John, Helen, Kristof, Allen, Jordan, Deb, Dagny, Deanna (who is slightly blocked by...), Carole, and the back of Wim's hair.

Jordan at the BBQ

Jordan (far right) poses with his foreign beer. We see the back of John and Duane, plus Carole and Darrell (Carole is the one with the longer hair, although not by much). In the background, we see the MacGregor family barbeque, graciously loaned for this function. In the shadows is Anthony's massive raspberry patch (more on that later).

Great Gams!

A shot from fairly early in the party. Left to right are Deb, Deanna, Dagny, Jordan, Heather, and Carole. In the centre is a bowl of raspberries! I can hear those hard drives spinning as all you leg men out there save this picture. Yowsa!

Liam front and Centre

Very much like the group shot, but Liam is playing with his keys in the foreground.

Duane Hendricks

A good shot of Duane, just before he breaks my lawn chair! :-) OK, so the fabric was weak and the chair is quite old. Just behind Duane in the picture is Francis. Allen is keeping an eye on his boys (Kristof is hidden behind John).

Trumpet Player convention

It's getting a little closer to dusk, and we have more guests! From left to right are Francis, Allen, Helen (spoon-feeding Kristof), Doug, Jennifer, and Duane. Also, a good shot of Carole's loooooong hair.

A good time was had by all!

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