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Deanna was nice enough to donate a lot of pictures for this portion of the site. I couldn't use them all, but I've selected quite a few. It should satisfy almost everyone except Jeff, who gets left out of the picture. :-(

M.U.S. Women's Hockey Team (ca. 1983), with Coach Trent and yours truly (as Stats). Taken at a hockey awards party at a residence along Morley Trail NW (I believe Trent and Maureen were two of the four house tenants at the time, but I could be out by a year).

From the same party, Doug and Rhonda mug for the camera just behind the hockey cake I made. (OK, so my Mommy helped me with the cake, but it was magnificent nonetheless!)

Some of the studly hockey players in attendance at the same party, in support of the awesome women's team (because let's face it, the Stick Bags were just lucky; except, of course, when Rhonda or Marla gave them the stick...). Note the old-fashioned stubby beer bottles.

By far, my favourite event of that party! Carole and Deanna give a smooch sandwich to yours truly. Rhonda cheers them on from nearby. (Sorry about the image quality, but this is one memory I really like, so I wasn't leaving it out!)

Still hockey-related, we were able to sneak this locker room shot of four of our hockey players: Marla, Sue, Carole, and Debbie. They look eager to take on their opponents!

The next two pictures are from a party Jeff & Scott hosted up in North Haven. This picture features Derek Stoll posing without his chapeau (Rhonda is wearing it).

This picture I selected because it has Steve Potter in it, and you see Ty Paterson at his studly best (smirk). Sorry, Ty, but I wanted your conducting students to see you as you once were. :-)

This is a nice shot of me, Deanna, and Don Enright at Carole & Deanna's residence in Campus Towers (11th floor, right on the end, if I'm not mistaken). That was a nice theme party (Hawaiian, I believe). I still have the lai from that party (as pictured), strangely enough.

"What lovely long hair you have, Carole! Let me mess it up for you!" That's Trent doing the messing and Jordan doing the watching. This picture was also taken in the Campus Towers abode.

Here's a bit of an outdoorsy shot: Rolf, Darryl, Deanna, and Jordan together in the wilderness (I think). Nice face, Darryl! It amused Deanna and Jordan!

Back to Trent "Baretta" Ingram's place, where we see him with his infamous parakeet. Michelle looks on, pretending to be amused.

Jo, Deanna, and Rhonda taking a fair-weather stroll. Since this picture was posted, Jo informed me that it was taken in Montréal, around the time of Jeff & Maureen's wedding. I had originally said, "...looks like downtown Calgary. They also look a little more hip than in the previous pictures. I'm thinking Deanna slipped a more current picture into the pile. They just have this, oh I don't know, married look about them. :-)" Well, they were all single but not necessarily unattached.

This last one I thought I'd have download regardless. It's a little fuzzy (because the original is not well lit), but it gives you the maximum number of faces possible. That's all for this Blast From The Past!

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